Fire Safety Policies, Annual Fire Safety Report & Fire Log

Fire Safety Policies

The following are only a portion of the policies set forth by the University. Please refer to du Lac for complete information. Consult with your residence hall staff regarding fire safety policy compliance or you may always call email NDFD at or call 574-631-6200 for further information.

Prohibited Items

To promote fire safety throughout the residence halls by not overloading electrical circuits, the University has enacted policies banning the use of the following electrical devices in rooms:

  • Cooling/Heating Devices – air conditioners, ceiling fans, space heaters (electrical or kerosene) 


  • Cookware – microwaves, toaster ovens, broilers, rotisseries, skillets, rice cookers, hot plates, bread makers
  • Dimmer switches
  • Halogen lamps greater than 300 watts (Less than 300 watts must have a properly installed safety guard.)
  • Regular sized domestic refrigerators (Refrigerators are limited to 5 cubic feet in size and must be in good working condition.)
  • All other high wattage appliances

Please note that the state fire code prohibits unfused multi-plug adapters. It also states that extension cords can only be used with portable devices and cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.

Prohibited Activities

  • Cooking is not allowed in student rooms. The preparation of light snacks and individual meals is allowed in the residence  


    hall kitchen area only.
  • ANY open flame, including all types of candles, may not be used in residence halls (if you live off campus, please see refer to this Candle Use Flyer for further information).
  • Smoke detectors cannot be covered or removed at any time
  • Sprinkler heads can not be covered or have anything hung or attached to them so that they are able to work properly if needed.

Room Construction

In addition to following all du Lac student guidelines, the following constructions policies must be adhered to:

  • All elevated bed assemblies cannot be constructed within 18 inches of a sprinkler head and can not be taller than 7 feet.


    Nothing can block the flow of a sprinkler head (e.g. a bed cannot be built under a sprinkler head since it would block the flow of water into a room.)
  • Nothing can touch or hang from a sprinkler head or sprinkler pipe.
  • Smoke detectors cannot be blocked by assemblies.
  • Windows and all interior doors must be left free and clear of furniture and assemblies.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations need to follow these guidelines in order to stay safe and compliant with the state fire code:

  • As always, nothing that has an open flame or that can produce smoke may be used    


  • The only lighting that is allowed is low voltage, indoor rated incandescent or LED lighting
  • Only artificial, flame retardant wreaths and trees may be used
  • No outdoor displays or animated / mechanized decorations are allowed inside of a building (they are designed/rated for outside use only)
  • Due to the dangers involved with overloading circuits, extension cord use must be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Electrical cords cannot run through doorways, windows or fire doors
  • No decorations can be put on the floors as they are problems not only during emergencies but are also trip hazards and can cause other problems at any time as well
  • All building and room lights cannot be covered with any material as it is always a fire hazard
  • Residence hall room doors may be decorated (not the knobs, just the door surface), but no part of an emergency exit sign or door may be decorated
  • Decorations need to be done in a manner that would not obstruct the view of an exit sign or exit doorway, even from a distance
  • Windows cannot be blocked with decorations, either inside or outside of the window
  • Reminder, nothing can be hung or attached to fire protection devices as they may be damaged or cause water to flow into a room


For more Fire Safety information for on and off campus please visit these links: