• Engine 1140 is a 2014 HME Rapid Attack Truck designed with a short wheelbase and a flush mounted front bumper in order to navigate the tight confines of campus.

  • Engine 1141 alternates responding to emergency calls with 1140aor 1142 and utilized for mutual aid request. 

  • Engine 1142 is a  2014 HME Mini-Evo which is the tow vehicle for NDFD’s technical rescue trailer which carries the remainder of the specialty tools.

  • Utility 1183 is used to perform daily duties and carries emergency medical equipment.

  • Utility 1184 is used by the fire protection technicians for their work on campus and is used during special events for emergency medical responses

  • Unit 1101 is the Fire Chief’s vehicle, which is utilized for incident command purposes for emergency responses.

  • Unit 1102 is the Assistant Chief's vehicle also used for incident command purposes and emergency responses.