Technical Rescues & Hazardous Material Responses


Technical Rescue

The Notre Dame campus presents many technical rescue challenges due to numerous major construction projects, the University’s own power plant, extensive underground utility tunnels and the two, frequently used lakes.

To properly respond to emergencies in these areas, all NDFD firefighters are confined-space and high-angle rope rescue technicians. In addition, all firefighters are certified in ice and surface water rescue and over half are SCUBA divers.

Hazardous Materials Responses

rescueScaffolding for rescue

There are numerous sources of both common and uncommon hazardous materials on the Notre Dame campus. In addition to the regular items found in larger commercial operations, the laboratories contain over 17,000 chemicals, various types of radiation sources and biological research materials.

NDFD works together with the Risk Management and Safety Department in responding to hazardous materials incidents on the Notre Dame campus. For larger issues or for incidents off campus in our coverage area, NDFD works with the South Bend Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team.