Event Medical and First Aid Coverage

Event Medical NDFD MO

Event Medical Coverage 

At many events you're attending at Notre Dame, there are medically trained staff there to assist when medical care may be required. Our services are available from Registered Nurses, FAST (First Aid Student Team), and First Aid Community Volunteers; whom are professionally trained and here to care for you and your loved ones at a variety of campus events.

Please contact our staff, ushers, police, firefighters, or additional University personnel if you need assistance. Or call our ND Dispatch Center at 574-631-5555 We're here to help!

  • If you're hosting an event on campus and want to hire a nurse for your event or to request FAST, please click here. Please make requests at least two weeks in advance. 

Please Note: Submission does not guarantee that your request can be granted. 

First Aid NDFD MO

First Aid Community Volunteer Coverage

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FAST (First Aid Services Team) Coverage 

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Lower West First Aid
Lower East First Aid
Four Winds Field 8th Grade CPR
FAST Football Coordinators